Starting a Music Carrier Extreme Beginners Guide

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Want to be a Independent Artist? 

Want Millions of Fans around the Globe?

How will be this all things possible?

           Want to be a musician like Hardwell, Steve Aoki, Axwell, or any other Artist you admire. Do you Dream of performing in front of the Lac’s of People. The answers to all questions are inside you. Anyone can be an successful artist thing is you need to start somewhere. Here are some things you need to get a confidence boost. 

1. Believe in yourself: Trust yourself that you can do it and this is the only sole thing that doesn’t let you sleep. Is this your passion from inside? Can you do this whole thing for lifetime? If the answers to these questions is YES then Definitely you are made for that. 

2. Find some Inspiration: You need to find some Inspiration some influence lets take my example My inspiration and Influence are artists like Coldplay, Axwell, Swedish House Mafia, Draft Punk etc. You got to know at the start which the level of commitment you wanna reach to become like your influences.

3. Read your Way to Riches: This is the most important part of Becoming and getting inspired. For me This was the First beginning as After Reading a Book that my Friend Gave me “Read your way to Riches”, which teaches which things you should read to create your path for Success. this book will teach you how to and what to read. 

4. Get the Basic Things to Start: Basic here refers to little things that matter too much in the beginning. Getting the basic things like if you want to be a EDM producer you need a Computer, A DAW and Some Samples to Start.You need to Start there those little thing can help you get to the next level.

4.i. Learn: Learn and try to learn as many new things you can in the beginning you can just start of with learning and understanding the music theory, listen to lot of music, try to break it down, try identifying the different layers into the song, learn and get familiar with the DAW you will be using, learn about the plugins etc. and there’s so many of things to learn. 

I would like to say Thank You for reading this post I hope this gives you a little bit of inspiration doesn’t matter if only little but still I write this things for some people like me who are struct in a loop but have not Lost Hope, Keep Reading. 



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