Extreme Beginners Guide to Becoming Producers. 

Starting your Production right at the first day is not expected as a beginner when it comes to music Production as Firstly you will have to know certain things also do certain things. Lets break it Down to Stages to ease the Understanding of Difficult.   

Stage 1

1. Listen to Lot of Music:

Listening to Music doesn’t mean just listen to a single song multiple times of listening to many songs one time. It refers to also selecting the Genre which you want to start producing. You can select from the ‘N’ number of genres. Try listening to the songs from that genre. Try listening to the most popular ones and then try listening to other unique tracks of the Same Genre but a little bit different Variant. This doesn’t mean you should not listen to other Genre’s. 

2. Learn Music Theory or Basics of DJ’ing:

Try to learn the Basic Music theory and also if you wanna start learning DJ’ing first you can go that way as well. But for easily understanding DJing you will have to first understand a little bit of Music Theory Concepts like Phrasing, Beats, Bars, Song Structure etc. But as always to be the Best try learning the Basics Fully as for anything in life you will have to know the Basics completely to get ahead with ease.

3. Try Breaking Down Songs:

This is a bit of a Hardworking Part but if you have understood enough of the DJ’ing and Music Theory you will be Automatically Transitioning into this Stage. Because at this stage when you will listen to the songs which you have previously heard your mind at some time will guess what are the Chords, Melody, Bass, Instruments in the song etc not only these things you will also understand when a phrase is starting and ending and when to expect a drop or an instrument.


There’s a lot of learning involved in the Music World as if you have chosen to be a Producer you will have to be ready to learn things every now and then.

Thank you for Reading do Subscribe for my next topic which will be Stage 2: DAW’s(Digital Audio Work Stations).


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