Start Learning

In the Previous Article you learned the selection of DAW. Now we will be learning the next step after selecting and installing the DAW will be to get familiar with that DAW and the native plugins that come inside them.

First you should get an idea how the DAW Works. Probably one of the best ideas that will save your time will be to watch videos about the DAW you have selected. Mostly you will find many videos which will give you a detailed information about how to use the DAW and the native VST Plugins within them.

Start Experimenting


The next Step will be to Start experimenting and try to start producing your music. This step is the most frustating as you will have quite often get Frustated and feel like its difficult. but as said the more you time you wil spend in learning and getting used to the DAW the more faster you will be able to start using it properly. You should try to learn making your first drum pattern or beats as that will keep you entertaining. Try experiment with different Drum sounds and try making our own patterns you like.

Learn Music Theory


One of the most important thing that will help you and is the most important part is learning music theory. Even though man sites do say that you do not need to learn music theory but as said earlier if you do learn music theory this thing gonna save you lot of time. Because not having it learned at the begining you will surely have to do it someday.

Learning About Sructure and Arrangement

structure-of a-song

In one of my previous articles I told about learning the bascis of DJing this part of learning i.e Structure and Arranging. In DJing you will learn about Structure of a song which includes Intro, Build-Up, Drop, again a Build-Up, 2nd Drop and finally the Outro. There are also some other words used like verse, hook and vice versa. Learning about structure will help you know how to Structure a song. Most of the Songs usually follow the 4 x 4 pattern. Learning about arrangement is an eas task if you got an good sense of music and have learnt music theory. In EDM each artist arranges his songs ina unique way. Remember the Structure of the song remains the same but they change the arrangement. This is what makes them unique. Structure and Arrangement are two diffrent things, most of the people think of these topics as the same.


Learn about EQ’ing.

EQ is one of the three fundamental tools used to shape the mix. Learn teh basics of the EQ’ing because its a pus knowlege if you even know the basics like why it is used and how to use it. I will be writing about this topic in detail a little bit later.



Learning and reading books is the most important thing even if you think learning and reading is not cool. Its is important to execute the learned thing as in the further stages ou will have to constantly keep a balance between doing it practically while learning about it theoretically. This completes our first stage of learning i.e the Beginers stage. We will be Further stepping into Stage 2 so keep reading and suscribe for more such articles and production tutorials.


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